Tuesday, February 2, 2010

90 Days - Day 2

What's this all about?

Max Workouts Program

Today was a cardiovascular day, a day of really getting the heart pumping. I woke up at 5 and began the scripture program (see below) and then moved into some warm-up exercises. Frankly, these hurt. I was still tight and sore from yesterday but once I got into them I felt a bit better. However, I realized that they weren't really necessary since I would be doing all of my work on the bike today.

After limbering up and warming up I sat down at the bike. I spent about five minutes at a steady pace before beginning the day's program. As I have said before Max Workouts focuses on intensity. It focuses on quality work rather than quantity work. This bike program for Tuesdays and Thursdays is basically the equivalent of sprinting for thirty seconds and then jogging for thirty seconds, sprinting for 30, jogging for 30. This continues for about 20-25 mins. It was not easy and it really got my heart pumping. In order to get that sprint power I tightened the bike resistance and then let off for the jog. Again, today, my legs are hurting. It can't last forever, right??? Right?

Bible Reading Program

Today Genesis 5-8 takes us through the lineage of Seth to Noah and then the story of Noah and the Ark.

Chapter 5 gives us the family history of Noah. We begin with Seth and work our way through all of the sons, grandsons, etc. One interesting thing to note is that not until we get to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, do we read "Enoch walked with God." I have to wonder if the other ancestors of Noah did not walk with God. Also, only Noah has three of his sons named while the others had only one named.

Chapter 6 basically retells the story of man from the time of Adam and Eve until Noah. We see that those who followed God, "sons of God", married those who did not follow God, "sons of men", and the human race beings to seriously fall out of favor with God. When we finally get to Noah we once again read that he "walked with God." There is something for us to consider. Do we walk with God?

In the remaining verses of the chapter God tells Noah to build the Ark, why, and who and what is to come aboard.

Many don't believe in the ark account. They read it as a myth. They ask, how could Noah get all of those animals on the Ark. Well, he didn't, God did. I have seen how God can do this too. In the days after Hurricane Katrina I read a story in the New Orleans paper about how they found all of these animals located together on this one spot of high ground. The remarkable thing was that they were animals that would not naturally get along. They were predators and prey, yet they were all seeking safety and accommodating one another. I have also read stories of how animals react before an event of nature takes place.

Another beautiful part of the Ark story is that they go on two by two but scripture tells us that when the Ark came to a rest, over a year after the flood began, they all "went forth by families out of the Ark." It was the original "love boat" by all accounts!


  1. Hey Jim. Did you order the Max Workouts information? I read some of their website and it seems very interesting. I have been doing a lot of running lately; at least six miles 5 days a week, with one 10.5 mile run last week. I would like to incorporate more but I dont have any equipment. Thoughts??


  2. Ryan, I've been doing some serious hiking but this program is kicking my butt. I'm not giving up! I like it because you can do basically all of the exercises with dumbbells and a chin-up bar. If you have a barbell, that's great but it's not needed. They also give you alternative exercises. You would need dumbbells.