Monday, February 1, 2010

90 Days - Day 1

What's this all about?

Max Workouts Program

Today was the first day of my 90 day program. Last night I reviewed the exercises with the help of the available online videos that come with the program. I made sure that I could do them all and had the necessary equipment. I also found replacement exercises for those I couldn't do since I don't have pull-up or chin-up equipment. After reviewing and planning out my morning, I set my alarm for 5 AM and promptly went to bed at 9 PM.

I can't say I jumped out of bed but I didn't hit the snooze. I got dressed and went downstairs to my "man cave" area and cracked open the Bible for my 90 day reading program (meditations below). After scripture I began with the recommended warm-up routine. This routine isn't just sissy stretches and jogging in place. It is designed to get things kick-started and I was dang near worn out by the end of about 7 minutes of warm-ups!

After the warm-up routine I moved right into the workouts. I thought that I was pretty much in shape. I've been hiking every Saturday about 10+ miles, doing push-ups, etc. By the second round I was begging God to just take me then and there.

This program focuses on high-intensity workouts. It's not doing curls and then looking at your biceps. It's more like those times in high-school sports when you thought you'd probably feel better if you could just throw-up after the given exercise. There are only three exercises each day to begin with but they are killer and they don't even call for a great deal of weight. The 4 rounds took only 20 minutes.

When I finished I was a quivering pile of jell-o. I could barely walk back upstairs for some breakfast. And, to be honest, with you, my brothers, I only did 4 rounds of the prescribed 5-6. I just couldn't do any more. My body and I are not speaking right now.

I jumped on the forums at Max Workouts to find another poor soul that began the program today and he too only did 4 rounds. Misery loves company. Tomorrow is a cardio day and I'll explain that tomorrow. For now, I'm going to focus on recovery, 5 hours later my legs still don't cooperate when going down the stairs!

Bible Reading Program

The 90 Day Bible Reading Program comes from The Great Adventure Bible Timeline program by Jeff Cavins. In order to access the free study you need to register and download the single page PDF file. Or email me and I can sent it to you.

Today - Genesis 1-4 In the beginning, what better place to start a reading program or an exercise program! I can't possibly give commentary on everything I read but I will highlight some meditations that I had during the reading.

7 Sins - I found it fascinating that we can see all 7 of the deadly sins at the fall of Adam and Eve.

Pride - Adam & Eve desire to be like God. (Gen 3:6)

Avarice (greed) - They had everything, what more could they want? Yet in their pride, they desired the only thing forbidden them. (Gen 3:6)

Gluttony - Again, God had given them all they would need, yet they are tempted to reach for more, one more morsel "good for food." (Gen 3:6)

Sloth - Adam & Eve, though they know what is forbidden, give no fight, no exertion to resist offending God, and entertain conversation with the devil. (Gen 3:2-6)

Envy - Our first parents were envious of God, they felt as though He had something good and was hiding something from them. (Gen 3:4-5)

Lust - At the fall Adam & Eve no longer looked upon one another with self-giving love but rather with selfish love, thinking in their hearts "how can I use this person." (Gen 3:7)

Anger - The episode of the fall turns into a blame game - Adam blaming Eve, Eve blaming the serpent. The anger of one is vented against another, confession is never considered. (3:12-13)

Another passage that caught my attention is "and dust shall you eat". God addresses this to the serpent who we know is the devil. I wonder if this was meant to be a play on words. Consider that we are told both Adam and Eve are made of...dust of the earth. Is this meant to convey that the serpent will be in constant pursuit, trying to consume man?

That's it for now, time to let my body and brain relax! God Bless!

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