Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Cabin

During our Christmas visit to Louisiana the boys spent a lot of time in a small patch of woods beside the house. One day they came in complaining that the girls wanted to come into their "cabin" that they had created out of logs and sticks. They asked if they had to let the girls in.

Nicole took a diplomatic route and tried to encourage them to share the fort. She then turned to me and asked what I thought. I said, "no, they do not have to share and the girls should make their own if they want one." I was obviously the hero of the moment.

My reason for saying no was simple. They had made it and they should enjoy it. Not only that, boys need a place to call their own. They need a place that they can be boys in. They don't want flowers and a kitchen. They want holes to shoot out of and secret doors to use for entrance and

Shortly after I was interrupted again by please from the boys to help build their cabin since Uncle Sean was helping the girls and wouldn't help them. Uncle Sean helped the girls build their cabin (right) so I had to meet the challenge and exceed any dreams the boys might have of a cabin.

Without tools we constructed this rugged one room cabin complete with gun holes and a roof. The boys loved it and are hoping it is still standing the next time we head south. If not, we'll just have to build one better.

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