Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls and Back

On Holy Saturday I went out to a favorite local place to hike in the Hocking Hills. Luckily it had rained the night before so the falls were really rushing all day long. I hike about 7 miles in 2 hours, including picture taking time.

The Upper Falls at Old Man's Cave.

Old Man's Cave

The Old Man himself.

A view from atop the Lower Falls at Old Man's Cave.

The Lower Falls from a distance.

The Lower Falls.

A couple deer checking me out.

Whispering Falls between Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls.

A view from the behind the falls.

A beautiful shot on the trail.

Cedar Falls


  1. I really love these pictures, Jim. Just thought I'd drop by to say that. :) Thanks for sharing them! (Old Man's Cave is one of my favorite hikes)

  2. Thanks Sarah. I never do get tired of hiking this trail. It seems to be different everytime.