Friday, April 17, 2009

Homeschool Wetlands Program

Clear Creek Metro Park hosted a Homeschool Wetlands Program this afternoon. Nicole took Catherine with her on a weekend retreat so the "men" went out hiking.

The Men.

Me trailing behind...

At the lake we were invited to try to catch things out of the pond. I made the boys lie down to do their hunting. I do suffer from Worst Case Scenario Syndrome, in case you didn't know that.

William was just digging around in the mud with a stick.

Christopher caught this Newt. A ranger was there taking pictures for the next park magazine and it looks like Christopher will be in the mag or on their website.

The naturalist took Christopher's Newt back to the office to show another group next week.

This is the spill-way from the "lake" that we visited. It's pretty impressive and tough to keep the boys from throwing sticks and leaves in to watch get carried away and over the rapids.

The water flowed over rock cliffs dropping a couple hundred feet to the stream below.

Christopher and William racing from the lake to keep up with the group.

Of course Samuel was in his usual spot!

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