Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Supply of Flint

From my other blog:

I believe our property must have been located on an Indian (Native American) route to Flint Ridge. For years the boys have been finding all shapes, sizes and colors of flint rock. My father recently plowed a couple acres directly behind our house and the boys have been finding bucket loads of flint which, for some reason, finds it's way into our house. Not only into our house but upstairs, in the playroom, in the living room, in the dryer, in the bathroom sink...yeah, basically everywhere you look you can find some flint.

Did you know that flint, a type of quartz, is the 4th hardest rock after the diamond? hence the large scratch across the top of this table....

This is the most recent collection by our oldest son.

They have found quite a few treasures as well, like these arrowheads.

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