Wednesday, December 9, 2009


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We learned today that Catherine does have a tumor in her right eye, retinoblastoma. Because this tumor is larger in size, and because it has caused her retina to detach, the only option for her right now is to remove her eye. It is not possible to remove the tumor without taking a big risk of having it spread to other parts of her body.

The good news is that the tumor has not spread to her brain and is contained in her right eye. There is still some question as to whether she will need chemotherapy or not, but that will become clearer once the tumor is out. We will also see a pediatric oncologist to help in that decision. The plan is right now to have her eye removal surgery tomorrow. This could change if the surgery center is unable to schedule her early tomorrow. It is an outpatient procedure.

We are once again begging your prayers for our Catherine. Please pray for the doctors and nurses. Please pray for us. We don't want to see her suffer, but if anyone can beat this, she can!
God Bless.

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  1. I will say prayers for your Catherine.

    Glorious wonder-worker, St. Peregrine, you answered the divine call with a ready spirit, and forsook all the comforts of a life of ease and all the empty honors of the world to dedicate yourself to God in the Order of His holy Mother.
    You labored manfully for the salvation of souls. In union with Jesus crucified, you endured painful sufferings with such patience as to deserve to be healed miraculously of an incurable cancer in your leg by a touch of His divine hand.
    Obtain for me the grace to answer every call of God and to fulfill His will in all the events of life. Enkindle in my heart a consuming zeal for the salvation of all men.
    Deliver CATHERINE from the infirmities that afflict her body .
    Obtain for me also a perfect resignation to the sufferings it may please God to send me, so that, imitating our crucified Savior and His sorrowful Mother, I may merit eternal glory in heaven.

    St. Peregrine, pray for CATHERINE and for all who invoke your aid. (c.f EWTN site)