Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Hiking

The cool weather has got the boys excited about doing some hiking. We went out both Saturday and Sunday. Both times we simply went on the property behind the house. Enjoy...

The hills are just starting to get some color.

Anthony, king of the hill.

Samuel. Our house just above his left shoulder.

Looking up the valley, grandma and grandpa's house - middle right.

Boys will be boys even with their Blessed Mother... I don't know why they think their coats can come off when they get back down to the house.

This was Saturday. It was damp. The cats went with us. One of the three came back. Another came back a day later, haven't seen the third....

The great hunters.

...or maybe militia?

...yeah, definitely militia.

He loves this broken-down plastic dart gun. He figured out that he can shove sticks down the barrel and shoot them out. Okay, yes, dad showed him by using a crayon but don't tell my wife!

The Kentuckyian Rifles. The oldest two got these when we went to see Tecumseh this summer. A great investment. They've really held up well.

They did see a couple deer but no coyotes.

Proud of his missing tooth.

One of the last Golden Rod flowers around.

Samuel blazing a trail. One of their favorite things to do is to go into this new growth area (it's about 14 years old) and knock off all of the lower branches. The trees are so dense that the lower branches and small trees don't get any light and die. In the spring it's like a whole other world - dense, dark, and lush - it's like our own Shire.

Some sort of skull I found. Maybe a groundhog?

This picture turned out better than I expected.

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