Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Hike

It is amazing the difference a month can make. Everything at Clear Creek is lush and green. I set out to hike 6 to 8 miles and ended up hiking a little over 10. It was a great morning to think and breath in the beauty.

This path runs along Clear Creek. It looks like paradise in the early morning.

This hawk posed for his picture. Others like the fox and blue herron were not so patient with me.

No, this isn't just a picture of a mud puddle. Here along the side of the road in this little patch of mud were countless whitetail deer prints. I don't why they were all right in this area. Perhaps the salt from the winter roads collected here?

This outcropping of sandstone is called Painted Rock and it is right along the side of the road.

Look closely and you will see the head of a whitetail peeking at me from behind a tree.

This Dogwood tree had snapped in half and it appeared to put all it's last efforts into the flowers. These flowers were very near the size of my hand.

A short video of my trip in the area. My camera man leaves much to be desired....add to that the fact that I dropped out of acting school and well...

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