Sunday, April 4, 2010


Here are some pictures from various fishing trips over the past couple weeks. Some were taken at my parents pond while others at Rose Lake (Old Man's Cave).


  1. Jim, Came across your blog searching for 'wild at heart catholic' and have had a blast looking over the pictures of the boys (and their sweet little sister). I stumbled upon John Eldredge two years ago this spring and WOW! I can't get my arms around how profoundly my life has changed. I am blessed to have the opportunity to meet with a band of brothers every Tuesday night in a Barn just across the line into South Carolina. One thing I struggle with is that I am the only practicing Catholic in the group of 30 or so and I don't have any Catholic brother who understands the poser, the wound or spiritual battle. Glad you're here. Is there anything in this Wild at heart message that you feel runs contrary to solid Catholic teaching? I just want to be careful and aware. can't say that I have noticed anything, but I'm no theologian.

    Charlotte, NC

  2. Rick, nothing comes to mind that runs contrary. There is an overall message that one can be Christian outside the Church which is certainly not true. That is the only weak spot I have found in the writings. Thanks for reading and please check out for more brothers in arms. God Bless, jim