Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cherry Bench I Built for Shoes, Boots etc

Here is the finished product of some hard work over the past few months (when I had the time of course). The is a 5 foot long bench / chest made of wild cherry. My grandfather took this massive cherry tree off of our property and had the Amish cut it up. Some of the boards were nearly 2 foot wide. I took much of it to the local staircase builder and had it plained down to use for kitchen cabinets. My father-in-law made the cabinets in 2005. This room was a disaster with 4 boys and numerous shoes, sandles, boots, hats, gloves, etc. This bench was the answer. It's over 62 inches long, 19 inches high and 20 inches tall with the inside of the bench being about 12 inches deep. The lid is one solid piece of cherry 16 inches wide. Drawers are below for gloves and hats.

The oldest testing the drawers

This is solitary confinement when the boys mis-behave. Unfortunately, at this time they are excited to be punished so that they can sit on the new bench.

The parts and pieces after I stained them.

Before stain

Preparing to sand

Glue, clamps, biscuts and coffee...not the biscuts you eat...

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