Friday, February 5, 2010

90 Days - Day 5

What's this all about?

Bible Reading Program
Today's reading for the program covered Genesis 17-20.

In chapter 17 we see what Abram must do for his end of the covenant, circumcision. There would be no way that Abram, his male descendants, or any of his tribe would be able to forget their promise to God. It was now etched in their very flesh, they would see it every day, a few times a day!

Chapter 17 is also a chapter with a lot of name dropping and changing. Abram becomes Abraham, the irony is not lost on Abram whose name means "High Father". Now his new name means, "Highly Exalted Father". Yet he still has no offspring with his wife Sarai. Sarai's name is also changed, it becomes Sarah. The childless Sarah is told she will "be a mother of nations." These predictions get laughs from both Abraham and Sarah and so God names the son to be born to them Issac which means, yes, "He Laughs." God has a great sense of humor!

In chapter 18 we see Abraham pleading for the righteous in the city of Sodom. Abraham has Lot in mind for sure. However, we see in chapter 19 that you can take folks out of Sodom and Gomorrah but it was extremely difficult to take Sodom and Gomorrah out of the family of Lot. His future son-in-laws think he is crazy for wanting to leave. His wife looks back and is turned to salt. This always puzzled me especially in light of the fact that at nearly the same time Abraham is looking at Sodom and Gomorrah. I believe that Lot's wife had been corrupted and was looking back at the cities with longing and was punished. Lot's daughters too are corrupted by the culture of Sodom and Gomorrah. They get their father drunk and have sex with him and conceive.

Chapter 20 reminds me that I often commit the same sins over and over. Abraham again tries to pass his wife off as his sister in order to save his own skin, again. The Lord appears to the king of the land and punishes him, again. The ruler releases Sarah and reads Abraham the riot act...again. God help us in our weaknesses.

Max Workouts Program
Speaking of weaknesses...I was clinging this morning to the words of St. Paul when he speaks of being strong when he is weak. I was weak but I am getting stronger.

Today I started with a good warm-up and them moved directly into the day's exercises. Today the program called for doing as many of the exercises as you could in a 20 minute period. There were three exercises with 8-12 reps each, all three done in sequence counting as a round. The exercises moved from pull-up to push-up to burpees then back to pull-up and so on. I was ready to puke after three rounds. They should call those dang burpees - barfees. I did three rounds in almost ten minutes. I never thought this could be so difficult. I'M NOT GIVING UP!

Tomorrow is a day of just about any activity. I am going to get up and work on some of the optional ab exercises that are part of the program. I may go hike behind the house to. We're supposed to get about 8 inches of snow so that should make for a good workout!

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