Thursday, February 4, 2010

90 Days - Day 4

What's this all about?

Bible Reading Program
Today's Bible Reading (Genesis 12-16) covers the blessing of Abram and his entering into a covenant with God.

In chapter 12 Abram journeys into Egypt and does a strange thing. He is fearful for his life so he tells his wife to act as his sister so that the Egyptians won't kill him and take her. This is a cowardly action and shows a lack of trust in God. God in turn punishes the Egyptians for taking Sarai and so they release her after giving Abram a good tongue lashing.

In chapter 13 Abram and Lot go their separate ways to avoid anymore strife between their two tribes. However, Lot is captured during a war between a number of kings and Abram must go and rescue him. After the rescue Abram meets up with Melchizedek, King of Salem. Abram is blessed by Melchizedek and this is significant since the blessing of God usually passes from one person to another. Adam blessed Seth, Seth's blessing passed through generations to Noah, Noah blessed Shem and then the blessing appears to disappear. Some suggest the Melchizedek is actually Shem. Anyway, God's blessing is passed on to Abram and we also see a foreshadowing of the Eucharist in the offering of bread and wine rather than an animal sacrifice.

Chapter 15 is an odyssey of events with animals split in two, vultures, and mysterious fire. This all constitutes the covenant God makes with Abram. God promises to bless Abram with offspring too many to count. Often when we read this we imagine that Abram is going out and looking at all the countless stars in the night sky. However, a close reading indicates that it was actually day. After the promise, the sacrifice of the animals, and the birds of prey (which would only be out in the day), we read, "As the sun was going down..." (Genesis 15:12)

God had Abram go out and look for stars, "count them if you can" in the middle of the day. Thus showing Abram that God is faithful even if he couldn't see a single star! The stars are there but just not visible at that time!

In chapter 16 we see Abram and Sarai taking their childless situation into their own hands and not trusting God. It is at this time that Ishmael is born; the son of Abram and Sarai's maid, Hagar.

These chapters are about trust, will Abram trust God? Will you trust God, even when nothing makes sense?

Max Workouts Program

I finally felt good today. I got out of bed without much effort and the soreness of the first couple of days is starting to give way. Today was a bike day. It was pretty intense but much more tolerable. I warmed up with 5 mins of varied resistance on the bike. For 25 mins I did 40 second sprints of intense resistance followed by 40 seconds of lighter resistance.

Tomorrow is another workout so I may stop and get some lighter dumbbells. Saturday has nothing prescribed so I may drop back and do the optional ab workouts. So far, I'd still recommend the program and I am very much enjoying it. It takes some time to learn the exercises, for me at least, and their names but hopefully, with the help of the videos, I'll get a good handle on those so I can really dive into each workout.

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